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Case study

AB Electrical

3X revenue

Revenue increased from 50k to 150k per month.


A return of 33x on money invested into SEO services.

125+ enquiries

125+ new leads per month without paid advertising.

The Backstory

Adam’s foray into digital marketing began with the promise of growth for AB Electrical and Communications, a business rooted in Sydney’s North Shore and Eastern suburbs.

Initially drawn to Google Ads for its immediate effects, Adam soon faced the harsh reality of high costs with low returns.

This led him to explore SEO, recognising its potential for lasting impact. Yet, the journey was marred by frustration, as engagements with six different agencies failed to live up to his expectations, leaving him with dwindling faith in finding a marketing ally who could truly deliver.

The Challenge

Our encounter with Adam presented a multifaceted challenge: not only did we need to demonstrate the real value of our SEO strategies, but we also had to secure early successes to rebuild his confidence.

The mission was twofold—boost call volume and lessen the reliance on costly paid ads, paving the way for Adam’s business to flourish sustainably and affirming our commitment to tangible, impactful results.

The Solution

We embarked on a comprehensive overhaul to elevate AB Electrical’s SEO success, focusing on website rebuild, content optimisation, and targeted local visibility. We crafted dedicated pages for each service and suburb Adam operates in, complemented by a strategic link-building campaign to boost domain authority and ensure superior rankings, aiming for a sustainable increase in online visibility and customer engagement.

Website rebuild

A fast mobile responsive website created to turn clicks into calls. 

On-page SEO

Website foundations, existing and new content optimised to rank.

GBP optimisation

Business profile optimised to expand the visibility in the local area.

Content creation

Over 300 pages created targeting services and service areas. 

Off-page SEO

Over 150 quality links created from citations to guest posts to power up the site.

The Result

Adam’s investment in SEO with us yielded a staggering $33 return for every $1 spent, a testament to the efficacy of our strategic approach.

Our focused efforts in enhancing maps visibility and keyword rankings across services and suburb pages supercharged his lead flow, enabling him to triple his monthly revenue from $50,000 to over $150,000.

This remarkable growth facilitated his team’s expansion and allowed Adam to get off the tools, marking a significant milestone in his business journey.

Revenue growth

Monthly income soared from $50,000 to $150,000-$180,000, enabling business expansion.

Transition off the tools

Adam successfully shifted off the tools to focus on business strategy.

Reduced stress

Transparent and communicative partnership lowered operational anxiety.

Operational freedom

Freed Adam to concentrate on scaling the business, marking a pivotal growth phase.

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