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Case study

On-page SEO

20X traffic

Significant increase in website traffic for the 3 locations.

+500 enquiries/m

Followed a steady increase in enquiries over the 4yrs together.

Top rankings

Top rankings in the local area produce a flow of calls.

The Backstory

Brent, behind Carflex Capital, a private equity firm in Toronto, embarked on a journey with us (back when we were Local Lead Booster) to elevate the online presence of three auto repair stores under their wing.

In 2020, he aimed to boost the stores’ online footprint and streamline operations for increased profitability, ultimately aiming to sell the stores at a significant profit.

As we move into 2024, Brent’s strategic foresight has come to fruition, successfully selling the stores at a value far exceeding their initial purchase price, marking a triumphant conclusion to a well-orchestrated plan.

The Challenge

The challenge was clear yet demanding: elevate Carflex Capital’s three auto repair stores to top search rankings for “[car brand] + [location]” on Google Maps and organic searches.

In the competitive Toronto market, achieving visibility for these high-value keywords required a deep understanding of local SEO, strategic content optimisation, and targeted Google Ads campaigns.

This ambitious goal aimed to drive significant traffic and enquiries, crucial for the profitable sale of these stores.

The Solution

On-page SEO

Website foundations, existing and new content optimised to rank.

GBP optimisation

Business profile optimised to expand the visibility in the local area.

Content creation

Over 50 pages created targeting services and service areas. 

Off-page SEO

Over 100 quality links created from citations to guest posts to power up the site.

Google ads

Target pay-per-click campaign to bring in new customers from the local area.

Benefits of on-page SEO

On-page SEO is a critical piece of the puzzle for local businesses, enhancing both Google Business listings and off-page SEO strategies.

By optimising website content and structure, businesses improve their relevance and authority, positively impacting GBP visibility and rankings.

While on-page SEO lays the groundwork for digital presence, its true strength is realised when combined with off-page efforts.

Without it, even the most robust off-page or GBP strategies may fail to achieve their full potential.

Increased website traffic

From higher keyword rankings.

Increased Google Maps visibility

From having well optimised content.

Decreased adspend

More traffic is coming from organic search.

More enquiries

Due to overall increased traffic.

Our process for on-page optimisation

A scientific approach to writing content that ranks.

Utilising tools like Page Optimizer Pro (POP), a tool validated by rigorous SEO research, allows us to pinpoint and optimise crucial ranking elements effectively.

POP’s robust testing foundation and straightforward scoring system remove the guesswork from SEO, making it easier to improve rankings and significantly increase traffic.

Redline Automotive

The Result

Initially, Redline had ample room for optimisation, with a score of just 42.2. Post-optimization efforts catapulted the primary keyword to the 7th position and a secondary keyword, “Mechanic Scarborough,” to the 5th position in search rankings. These optimisations, alongside efforts on variations and related keywords, delivered impressive outcomes.

750% traffic growth

From relevant service pages in their area.

+200 enquiries per month

From a mix of Google maps & organic search.

Bloor West Auto

The Result

For Bloor West the website targeting “Mechanic Mississauga,” a keyword with a search volume of 420, our optimisation efforts led to a significant jump. Initially ranked at position 26, the main keyword soared to position 2 within a mere 4 months. Further optimisation for variations and secondary keywords resulted in notable improvements.

500% traffic growth

From relevant service pages in their area.

+140 enquiries per month

From a mix of Google maps & organic search.

McNally Auto

The Result

Upon optimising the site for “Auto repair North York,” a keyword with a search volume of 210, the main keyword experienced a dramatic rise. Originally at position 106, it ascended to position 4. Secondary keywords also improved significantly, moving from position 123 to position 7. These adjustments led to impactful outcomes.

830% traffic growth

From relevant service pages in their area.

+180 enquiries per month

From a mix of Google maps & organic search.

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