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Case study

Plumbwell Plumbing

#1 rankings

Top rankings in the local area produce a flow of calls.

60+ enquiries

Over 60 enquiries per month with the use of minimal paid ads.


A return of 12X on money invested into SEO services.

The Backstory

Sam’s journey with Plumbwell Plumbing Services is a compelling tale of transformation and strategic redirection.

Faced with the challenges of an industry leaning heavily towards competitive pricing and a desire to shift away from construction plumbing, Sam sought a partner to redefine his business’s digital strategy.

His previous attempts with SEO had been frustrating, yielding minimal results and keeping his business tethered to platforms like HiPages.

Recognising the need for a change, Sam turned to us to help navigate his business towards more sustainable, high-value lead generation, aiming to establish Plumbwell as a leader in maintenance plumbing within the Inner West. 

The Challenge

Despite engaging with an SEO agency for over a year, organic search was yielding less than five calls per month, far from the thriving lead flow needed to sustain his business.

Our mission was clear: to revitalise Plumbwell’s digital presence, generating local, high-value leads that would enable Sam to price his services appropriately.

While also diminish his dependence on HiPages, and steer his business away from construction plumbing.

The Solution

We laid the groundwork for Plumbwell Plumbing Services with a new SEO-optimised website and targeted local content, boosting Sam’s digital presence through meticulous Google My Business optimisation and strategic link-building. This solid foundation spurred a notable increase in SEO-driven leads within the first year, prompting an expanded strategy incorporating Google Ads and Facebook Ads to amplify lead generation and elevate Sam’s business to new heights.

Website rebuild

A fast mobile responsive website created to turn clicks into calls. 

On-page SEO

Website foundations, existing and new content optimised to rank.

GBP optimisation

Business profile optimised to expand the visibility in the local area.

Content creation

Over 150 pages created targeting services and service areas. 

Off-page SEO

Over 100 quality links created from citations to guest posts to power up the site.

The Result

In just one year of dedicated SEO efforts, Sam’s business experienced a remarkable transformation, with calls increasing from less than 5 to over 30 per month.

The introduction of Facebook ads further accelerated growth, doubling enquiry rates to over 60 calls a month at an impressively low cost of $40 per enquiry, a significant saving compared to Google Ads.

This success has positioned Plumbwell Plumbing on a clear path to achieving Sam’s ambitions of becoming the Inner West’s leading plumbing service.

With a strategy that rendered HiPages unnecessary, enabled fair pricing for his services, and allowed for team expansion, Sam has successfully moved away from construction, focusing solely on maintenance plumbing. The next step for Sam will be pulling back from hands-on work.

Independence from HiPages

Achieved complete freedom from HiPages, enabling direct customer engagement.

Fair pricing

Successfully priced services at their true value, not the lowest possible price to win the job.

Team expansion

Expanded the team to handle increased demand and improve service delivery.

Specialisation in maintenance

Shifted focus entirely to maintenance plumbing, moving away from construction projects.

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