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Case study

Local SEO

150+ new enquires

Per month after the campaign had finished.

450% increase

In phone calls over the three locations.

Increase visibility

Overall increased Google Maps visibility.

The Backstory

Mouritz, a prominent air conditioning company with several locations across Western Australia, presented us with the challenge of enhancing its Google Business Profile presence in three specific locations.

The Challenge

Starting from a baseline of unoptimised listings, our mission over a three-month campaign was to elevate their visibility in preparation for the peak season.

Leveraging the success of their main Perth CBD location, which dominated rankings with #1 positions and garnered 4100 calls in 2020.

We aimed to replicate this achievement across their other locations, setting the stage for significant growth and increased customer engagement.

The Solution

GBP optimisation

3 Business Profiles optimised to expand the visibility in the local area.

On-page SEO

Office pages connecting to the GBP were optimised for better visibility. 

Off-page SEO

High-quality citations and directory listings were built to reflect each office’s info.

Maps Ranking Factors

Achieving top rankings to bring in a flow of calls isn’t about luck or chance. There’s a clear strategy involved in providing Google with what it needs to elevate your site’s position. Here’s how we do it.

Relevance is all about displaying the appropriate results for each search query because Google’s algorithm focuses on matching results with what users are searching for.

For example, if someone types in “air conditioning” into Google, they’ll get a list of air conditioning providers that can be relevant for the purpose of the query.

Action Plan

If you want to increase the relevance of your GBP listing, you have to focus on:

  • GBP Content – quality content for GBP listings requires keyword optimisation. That implies analysing, researching and using the right keywords in a way that looks natural and increases the value of your content.
  • GBP Categories – the purpose is to select relevant categories for your listings. Identify the categories that your top-rated competitors are using and use the same categories for your GBP listings.
  • GBP Images – optimising GBP images to add location relevance to your listings can be done through a manual process or through an automated process.

For the purpose of ranking GBP listings, prominence can be equated with authority.

Prominence refers to the reputation a business has, how well-known it is in the industry and what makes it stand out from the rest.

Influencing Action Plan 

  • Social accounts – creating social accounts for your business on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. is a very basic task, yet a very efficient one for building prominence.
  • Citations – citations are references to your business’ name, address, and phone number. Having your business’ details mentioned online builds trust and credibility.
  • Reviews – online reviews have the power to influence consumers’ decisions as well as Google rankings, so it’s important to get as many reviews as possible and manage them properly.

Proximity refers to the distance between the user performing the search and your business location. Google algorithm uses the location of the person doing the search to provide relevant search results.

Influencing Action Plan 

Influencing proximity factors is not as easy as influencing relevance and prominence. However, it can be done by focusing on:

  • Geo relevant content that brings in traffic from local visitors
  • Geo tagged images
  • Mentioning local nearby businesses on the website

Our process for Google Maps optimisation

Our Google Maps optimisation process is direct and efficient, focusing on critical steps: conducting audits and optimisations, creating Google Business websites, enhancing images with geo-tagging, engaging with Google Business Profile posts, building links, and refining on-page SEO to boost your local visibility.

We conducted a detailed 20-point audit on the Google Business listings to identify any issues and areas needing optimisation. This initial step provided a clear snapshot of the listings’ current standings and guided our optimisation strategy to compete with top-ranking competitors in specific locations.

After completing the audit and optimisation, we developed a Google Business Profile website. Despite having an existing website, a GBP site enhances trust and credibility with Google. It provides an additional platform for content, keywords, and links, all within Google Business, further benefiting your rankings.

For image optimisation, we selected ten relevant photos for each listing, geo-tagging them near the business’s location to signal Google about our precise whereabouts. We then renamed these images and incorporated essential business details to enhance the Google Business listings’ visibility. After uploading these optimised images to the GBP listings, they were also strategically utilised in foundational link-building campaigns to further boost our online presence.

GBP posts significantly enhance a listing’s relevance and can improve rankings. From the moment a GBP listing goes live, it’s crucial to start adding posts. The four types of GMB posts—Update, Event, Offer, and Product—each offer unique benefits to bolster your listing’s visibility and engagement.

Link building, a cornerstone of SEO, leverages quality backlinks to establish your site as a niche authority. For Google Business listings, increasing inbound links significantly enhances prominence and search rankings. Our strategy emphasised local citations through business listings in relevant directories and integration of social media accounts with the GMB site, complemented by targeted guest posting to bolster the listing’s online presence.

On-page SEO plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance of your Google Business listing by ensuring your website content is fully optimised for search engines. This process involves tweaking elements like titles, meta descriptions, and keywords to align with your target audience’s search intent. By optimising these on-page elements, we improve your website’s visibility in search results and bolster the relevance and authority of your GBP listing, making it more likely to appear in top local searches.

The Result

In just three months, our comprehensive GBP campaign significantly elevated the online presence of our air conditioning client in Western Australia.

By strategically focusing on Google Business Profiles’ key ranking factors—relevance, prominence, and proximity—we enhanced visibility, ensuring their target audience readily found the client’s services.

An increase of 157 calls per month

From the Google Maps optimisation.

Increased visibility for 3 locations

Google Maps job completed successfully.

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