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Case study

Top Rankings in 1 Month

Top 3 rankings

For competitive keywords in top cities around Australia.

1 month turn around

From implementation to top rankings in under 1 month.

Hundreds of clicks

Generated resulting in dozens of conversions 2 months in.

What is Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO involves leveraging the high domain authority of established websites like large news site to rank content faster.

By publishing content, such as articles, blog posts, or pages on these reputable third-party sites, individuals or businesses can piggyback on their ‘host’s’ existing SEO strength.

This strategy can lead to quicker visibility and traffic gains than building authority from scratch on a new website, essentially leeching onto the host’s established trust with search engines to benefit one’s own SEO objectives.

The Backstory

The concept of Parasite SEO kept popping up at various conferences, sparking my curiosity to try it out.

However, diving into this uncharted territory meant risking a few thousand dollars to create and rank a page.

Initially, I considered experimenting on my own, but after sharing the idea with Austin from Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers, a long-standing client, he was eager to be the Ginnie pig.

One of Austin’s strategies includes getting listed on “best” and “top 10” mortgage broking sites, so this approach could offer him another valuable listing, making the investment worthwhile.

The Process

Reach out to news sites

Establish a connection with the news site and pitch them on the article to be posted.

Write a highly optimised article

Write a highly optimised article using Page Optimizer Pro that will have the best chance of ranking.

Build backlinks to the page

Continually build additional backlinks to the article until the top rankings are achieved.

The Result

The outcome was immediate; we secured top rankings for our target keywords, though we briefly fell to #11. By incorporating guest posting for the article, we quickly reclaimed the #1 spot and have maintained it since. Encouraged by this success, we implemented this strategy for multiple clients in the legal field, achieving top rankings in Melbourne.

Client Testimonial